[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”2″]Shortcode Generator[/section_title]
Shortcode Generator

Place every main real estate element anywhere on your site with a single click, straight from the text editor. Below you will find all real estate shortcodes.

[section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Property Listing[/section_title]

The property listing shortcode comes with plenty of filters. The example below show all apartments (type) in london (location), that are for rent (status), with a maximum price of 400000 (max_price).

[[property_listing location="london" type="apartment" max_price="400000"]]
[property_listing location=”london” type=”apartment” max_price=”400000″]

Make sure to use the property slug for “location”, “status”, “type” and “features”. Format of “available_from” is: YYYYMMDD

[section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Featured Properties[/section_title]

Properties can be set “Featured” with a single click from the property detail page.

[[featured_properties columns="3"]]
[featured_properties columns=”3″] [section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Single Property[/section_title]

Insert any single property anywhere on your site by referencing its post ID.

[[single_property id="146"]]
[single_property id=”146″]
[[single_property id="147"]]
[single_property id=”147″]
[section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Agents[/section_title]

Use the following shortcode to display your entire team of agents on your “About” page or within a blog post.

[agents columns="3"]

[section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Testimonials[/section_title]

Custom post type “Testimonials” works the same as a normal blog post.

[[testimonials columns="2"]]
[testimonials columns=”2″] [section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Property Search Form[/section_title]

Fully customizable property search, built on top af Advanced Custom Fields Pro.

[property_search_form] [section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Map[/section_title]

Insert custom property maps anywhere on your site. Set location, zoom level, and map height. You can add your own Google Maps styles or insert any existing map style you find online. Simply copy+paste the map style code under “Appearance > Theme Options > Map > Map Style”.

[[map address="London, UK" zoomlevel="12" height="400px"]]
[map address=”London, UK” zoomlevel=”12″ height=”400px”] [section_title heading=”h3″]Shortcode: Latest Posts[/section_title]

Show a preview of your latest blog posts anywhere on your site. Set number of posts and columns.

[[latest_posts posts="3" columns="2"]]
[latest_posts posts=”3″ columns=”2″]