Welcome to Peaks Island and the beautiful Casco Bay Islands!

Casco Bay is one of Maine’s most remarkable places.  The Portland Harbor Area islands of the Bay present an incredibly unique offering for vacation and year-round living.

Among these islands is Peaks Island; quiet, island living at the “door-step” of a wonderful city.  Portland has deservedly been rated as one of the top small cities in the country.

Some call it the best of both worlds.  The fortunate ones have made these lovely islands their primary or secondary home.  Among them is Ralph and Jeannie Ashmore, both longtime islanders.  Ralph has specialized in island real estate sales for over 30 years. Jeannie specializes in vacation, off season rentals and property management.

Whether you’re calling from across town or across the world, Ralph and Jeannie have the expertise to assist you through the important process of purchasing, selling or maintaining and managing an island home.             

If you’re looking to purchase on the islands, please call Ralph Ashmore at 207-766-2981 or email him at Ralph@AshmoreRealty.com.  Be sure to check visit the Sales page to view our current listings. As a cooperating Realtor and MLS member, Ralph can show you all island listings.

Looking for a rental?  Call Jeannie Ashmore at 207-766-5702 or email us at Rentals@AshmoreRealty.com. Browse through our full portfolio of vacation rentals and winter long offerings.  We provide excellent property management services for our clients, please inquire for our references.

Thank you for your interest in Ashmore Realty, Island Specialists!


The world would be a better place if we came to see ourselves as islanders, with all the obligations to one another and to the environment.

Philip Conkling, Island Institute